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Opportunities with CARE for grad students and practitioners

This just came through a newsletter, thought I would share with you all. Please click links for add'l info.


Visiting Fellows Program (NEW!) We are pleased to announce that in 2009 – 2010 CARE USA will host a Visiting Fellows Program offering a small number of graduate students and practitioners with support from outside sources the opportunity to work with projects and conduct research in various CARE Country Offices. The fellowship assignments developed by host offices may include working for program areas such as Emergency Management, HIV/AIDS, Economic Development, support to External Relations and other program areas critical to CARE. Fellowships also address organizational needs such as leading organizational development processes or global initiatives such as partnership or change management strategies. We welcome and encourage highly accomplished graduate students who are supported by an academic institution or other agency to apply for our CARE Visiting Fellowships. Visiting Fellowship assignments will initially be for a period of three months, with the potential of extension for up to nine months.



About CARE Internships CARE USA welcomes and encourages students who are interested in making a difference in the world to think about an internship. Where will an internship with CARE take you? Perhaps to a new location. Maybe towards new ideas. But most importantly, to a new level of experience. In your internship at CARE, you'll have the opportunity to make a difference in just a few months' time. You'll be able to take what you've learned in school and use it to make a real contribution to the eradication of poverty. The internship program seeks to provide closely monitored, project-driven professional and practical experience for undergraduate and graduate students interested in contributing to substantive CARE projects and initiatives. Important networking opportunities are also provided through participation in orientations and trainings that will include information on CARE’s history, vision, and where individuals from within the organization will share more in-depth information on certain programs. Most summer interns are placed domestically either at CARE USA Headquarters in Atlanta or in US field offices.

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