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Invitation to pilot a forum at Ecomotion on sustainable and ethical eating

Debate on Environmental and Sustainable Eating.

Dear int_development Community

This is an invitation for your online group to take part in testing an environmental community forum found on Ecomotion, which is in its developmental stages.


Ecomotion is a growing online community and they are looking for online communities and groups with an interest in topics surrounding sustainable and environmental issues to take part in their pilot scheme.

Ecomotion wish for groups to voice their opinions and take part in online debates through the forum. Currently one of our topics is focused upon the ethics and sustainability of what we farm and eat.

I have chosen your livejournal group as I feel that the community as a whole and its users would provide contribute an interesting and excellent debate on the forum.

Some of the issues put up for discussion relating to this topic are posing the questions:

Are vegetarian and vegan diets in the long run more sustainable that farming fish and meat.
Is it possible to expect a significant part of the worlds population going on to a vegan and vegetarian diet, and if not, how can we still farm meat in such a way to reduce the impact on the environment.
Some government groups are advising people to cut down meat and fish consumption, do you think this is enough?

If the community as a whole, or any individuals are interesting in joining the debate then you would be most welcome:

Go to

Sign up, its free.

Go to the forum and the debate is here…

Ecomotion also gives the opportunity for groups to have their own community page with which you can advertise to other groups your interests and aims. There is also the change to write for Ecomotion in their media gallery and have your articles and photographs published as well as a link to your live journal community.

This is an exciting opportunity to become involved in a developing online community. The results of the debate both on ethical eating and other issues on the forum may be used as research for companies who wish to know what views relate to this topic.

As the debate progresses summary will be written and I will be happy to post/link it to this community so you can all read it.

We at Ecomotion are in the stages of attracting companies to view the results as a way of providing a transparent and diplomatic way of collecting information on public opinion. I am in the process of getting in contact with DEFRA and other public bodies so they can read your views.

The chances airing your views and making a change will increase if we can get as many people contributing to the debates as possible. Other online communities who I feel may be able to add to this debate are also being approached, everyone is welcome!

All contributors are welcome to have a say in how Ecomotion as a website develops and how discussions are conducted in the future.

If you have any questions or need any help I can be found both on livejournal and at Ecomotion (Catherine Eleanor) and I will be most happy to help 

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